GWNÏO SPRL does its utmost to protect your privacy when using our services. For this purpose we have established guidelines governing how your personal data is processed and protected. You can view any changes made to these guidelines when you visit our site.

This privacy policy only concerns GWNÏO SPRL customers and users of our online services.

Who is responsible for your personal data?

GWNÏO SPRL acts as the party responsible for your personal data in compliance with the Belgian Act on Personal Data Protection (1998:204) which transposes the European Directive 95/46/EC on data protection.

Where are your personal data stored?

Your personal data are stored in the European Economic Area (“EEA”) but could also be sent to and processed in a country outside the EEA. If your personal data is transferred, this transfer will take place in compliance with applicable laws.

What types of personal data do we collect?

We will collect the personal data that you provide to us when you place orders, contact our customer service or participate in contests for example. These personal data could include your contact information, date of birth and bank account details for example. We could also collect certain personal data from external sources such as credit and change of address information.

How do we use your personal data?

We could use your personal data in the following cases:

  • To create and manage your personal account on GWNÏO SPRL
  • To process your orders and returns on our online services
  • To send you product shipping status updates
  • To contact you in the event of a delivery problem with your order
  • To answer your questions and inform you of new services or changes we make to these services
  • To send you special offers through newsletters and catalogues for example
  • To inform the winners of the online contests we organize
  • To manage your account by running credit checks
  • To analyse your personal data in order to send you customized special offers and information
  • To check that you are legally of age to make online purchases
  • To send you surveys in order to offer you the chance to influence our offer and services
  • To test and improve the systems we use to provide our services
  • To prevent the misuse or non-compliant usage of our services
  • To calculate the Club points you are entitled to as a Club member

We will only keep your data for the time required to perform the tasks mentioned above or within the limits set down by law. Your personal data will then be deleted.

What are your rights?

You are entitled to request information on the personal data we have about you at any time (and this once a year free of charge). If your data are inaccurate, incomplete or irrelevant, you can ask that this information be corrected or deleted. However we will not be able to delete your data if these data are subject to a legal conservation requirement such as an accounting rule for example, or for any other legitimate reason such as where there are outstanding debts for example. You can cancel the consent you gave us to use your personal data for commercial purposes at any time. Do not hesitate to contact us by sending a letter to our customer department at GWNÏO SPRL, Service Clients, 24 Rue du Collège, 4600 Visé, Belgium or by sending an email to the following address:

Who has access to your personal data?

Your data may be shared within the GWNÏO SPRL group (for more information on the companies in the GWNÏO SPRL group, please refer to our annual report that can be viewed on the page We do not communicate, do not sell and never exchange your personal data to/with third parties outside the GWNÏO SPRL Group for commercial purposes. The data forwarded to third parties, i.e. to shipping agents for the delivery of goods, to media agencies for the distribution of newsletters and to debt collection agencies for solvency checks, proof of identity and debt collection, are only used to provide you with the above-mentioned services.

How do we protect your personal data?

We have put in place technical and organizational systems to prevent the loss and unauthorized handling of and access to your data. We are constantly adapting these security measures to the ever changing technological context and developments. At GWNÏO SPRL, we ensure maximum security for your credit card purchases by sending all your information in encrypted form. This means that the information is carried over a secure connection and that your personal data cannot be read by third parties. For credit card purchases, we work with an authorised payment agent who enables us to contact your bank directly to check that your card is valid. Our payment agent processes your bank account details in accordance with the PCI DSS international security standard developed by VISA, MasterCard, Diners, American Express and JCB. In other words, your bank account details are processed at a very high security level. When you pay by card, we reserve the right to check your identity.


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